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A Practical Handbook For Leading Agile & DevOps Transformation.

Technical And Practical Perspectives About The Modern Digital Transformation.

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A Practical Guide To Get The Best Results From Your Digital Transformation.

To Whom This Book Is Addressed

  • If you are leading a digital transformation in your orgaisation and you want to broaden your view with rich perspectives about DevOps 2.0 and other proven methodologies
  • If you start developing your startup products and you want to set up an efficient development and operations process to handle your future growth
  • If you would like to acquire a common general knowledge about development and operations productivity gains
  • If you are a non-technical founder and you still want to understand what are the effecient techniques, architectures and tool that can help your IT development
  • If you would like to know about this DevOps thing
  • This book will help you.

    The Jumpstart Up Will Teach You About:

    The techniques and the methodologies to achieve a DevOps/Agile transformation of your team.

    The most important tips you’ll learn

    1. The DevOps Philosophy In A Practical Way
    2. Responding To Unpredictability Through Sprints
    3. Applying Lean To Software Development
    4. Creating A Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery Environment
    5. Adopting ITIL To DevOps
    6. Establishing QA And Software Testing Best Practices
    7. The Difference Between Major Cloud Providers And What To Choose
    8. The Micro Services Architectures And Containers
    9. Monitoring And Performance
    10. Measurements And KPIs


    Using the outcomes from "The Jumpstart Up", you can put together a plan for a modern and effective transformation strategy to get the best results for your business.

    About The Author

    Aymen El Amri
    DevOps/Cloud Specialist

    Aymen El Amri is a software engineer specializing in DevOps, Cloud Computing and software/infrastructure performance and scalability.

    He is a Techpreneuriat enthousiast and he created his first startup at the age of 24

    Actually Aymen is working as the head of IT systems and DevOps in a Parisian startup. He worked on development and system engineering for companies and startups and he is interested in DevOps philosophy, the lean programming and the tools/methodologies that comes with since his experiences in this domains were successful..

    He co-founded some projects in connection with the community of Free and Open Source Software, an infrastructure provider startup and he was involved in hackerspaces and other political/social movements in relation with technologies.

    You can find him on Twitter, Linkedin, his blog and github.

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